The Amazing Sunnah Of Smile

Smiling holds a lot of significance in Islam and it is considered Sunnah as well. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had such a bright face that it seemed like a full moon’s brightness and he always used to greet others with a pleasant smile on his face. Due to this, it is the most significant Sunnah for the Muslims and they should not ignore it at any cost. Smiling is also considered as Sadqah in Islam i.e. if you smile at a person, its rewards are for long terms and provides greater benefits.

Few days back, an interesting incident occurred with my brother. He was in Saudi Arab to perform the holy obligation of Umrah by availing the Ramadan Umrah 2017 Low Cost Deals and there he had an issue with a person but was unable to talk to him in his Arabic language. Out of that irritation, my brother got quite angry on that guy due to some reason and went to him for a fight. He was fully prepared for a full blown fight but the moment he went to that Saudi guy he started to calm down. Reason? Well the guy was constantly smiling and didn’t show a harsh reaction in return to my brother’s rude behavior. Due to that positive reaction, my brother’s anger calmed down and he got relaxed. Then both started talking about the misconception which caused all the problems and the whole matter was solved instantly.

There is a psychology hidden in the benefits of facial feedback. According to researches, people were studied in a group research. They were told that they are not supposed to smile for three days. After three days they were asked if they were successful or not and the answer was no. It shows that when a person is happy from inside, that inner happiness is reflected through the smile of that person and he can’t stop smiling if he is happy. Also, if he smiles by looking at someone else, then the other guy also smiles in return which is called the process of facial feedback.

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