Visit Different Places During Perform Hajj

Hajj is the keen wish of every holy heart. It is although, not an obligation, yet it is one of the highly recommended practice. The holy Prophet (PBUH) performed hajj, other than Hajj in His lifetime. Reaching to the Holy Kabaah and performing Hajj is in the access of every able Muslim now. It has been made easier by the hajj packages, as offered by the travel agents worldwide. The Non Shifting Hajj Packages from Manchester, is something which supplies the ease to the customers, since from getting an easy Hajj visa to the safe arrive back to one’s home.

The Non Shifting Hajj Packages 2016 from Birmingham provide an easy way to the Hajj and also give you a chance to visit the holy Ziyarat at Makkah and the Madina. Being the native land of Muslims and especially the Prophet (PBUH) the Makkah has a great sanctity other than being the Hajj and Umrah destination. Same wise the Madina is the first place where the Holy Prophet (PBUH) migrated for making it a fort of Islam. It is quite impossible for the Muslims, that they set off for the Hajj and they do not go to these sacred places, having great worth in Islamic history.

While performing the hajj, the pilgrim went for the Ziyarat of different places included many insides in the Harram, the Arafat and Mina, the Safa and Marwah and many more. And when the pilgrims ascend towards the Madina, they pass through the Jannat ul Muala, which is a cemetery of the people of the Makaah, and it is on the way to Mina. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to visit it frequently. This is the 2nd holiest graveyard of Islam after Jannat-ul-Baqi (Baqi Graveyard). The Jabl e Noor, mean by the mountain of light, is a mountain near the city of Makaah. It houses the Hira cave where the prophet PBUH rested for the sake of praising the Allah. And here the first revelation was received by the Holy Prophet (PBUH).


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