A Memorable Journey Of Hajj

Since my childhood, I have always been dreaming to have a journey towards the most holy places of Saudi Arabia at least once in my lifetime. That keen desire of visiting those places were due to my interest in the subjects of history which I used to study in my free time as a hobby. When I started reading about the history of Islam, I was so moved by our amazing historical past that I just couldn’t help but start dreaming that one day when I will get financially stable enough, I will definitely have a visit to the sacred cities Makkah and Madinah.

My dreams got true last month when I got married and my husband booked the splendid Non Shifting Hajj Packages 2017 uk for a memorable trip after marriage. I was so amazed by the love of my husband that I got speechless. Right after three days of our marriage, we packed our bags for our first ever journey together. When I landed in the holy city Makkah, tears started to flow from my eyes and I couldn’t stop them as I was overwhelmed by the flow of emotions. I just couldn’t believe that my childhood dream was getting fulfilled and that was happening in the company of my beloved husband. We both performed the obligation of Hajj together. Words can’t explain the intensity of my happiness that I felt that day. After performing Hajj, I went to all the holy places of Makkah and Madinah along with my husband.

We both visited the amazing and historical museums and many monuments of Islam. We even visited Jannat ulBaqi which reminded us about the reality of this temporary life. The realization of death is necessary if we want to spend a good life in this world. We both enjoyed the mouthwatering Arabic cuisine which was absolutely delicious. This was the best journey of my life that I will never forget for the rest of my life. May Allah provide a chance to everyone so that they can visit the holy places of Islam in their life Ameen.

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